Sunday, January 9, 2011

can i say?

i think that i fall in love with u since i meet u
can i say that i love u?
can u accept me?
i dont know what want to say
u already have gf!
so dont want disturb u...
i will die and your gf will find me and kill me!!!
so just wait..
but u said that xxxxxxxx
ouh...dont know what to say
i hope that u will together with your gf forever
and dont use the sweet words to me!
not hate but i fell 
dont want fall in love anymore!!!
that only me clap one hand!
i hate when this happen to me!
if you have feeling same like me...
just say it!
i will accept you!and i never regret and reject u!
swear that i say
if i fall in love with someone and if we together
i will love you with full of my heart
and whatever you do at me..i will be blind!
because i love you!
thats all....easy right?but not easy i fall in love with anybody!
if you really2 want me...just say it!
i will wait it !
i said that i want loyalty!
if my bf do this to me?
how can i want loyalty with you?
before this i already suffering and crying because boy
i dont want  like before this
before i hurt and get any pain
better i find a new one and loyalty with him
and i will say bye2 if u dont want with me anymore..
i will accept it...
but u??
i hate when i be like this....
just thinking of you even you do anything that will hurt my heart
dont know what want to say

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