Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i want too!

ulang tahun mereka yang ke300 hari!
sweet kan??
alangkah best nya kalau ni aku dgn amer???
sweet glew doh!
wa tengok wa cemburu!
wa tarak tipo pnyer!
ohh god!
i wish someday i will be like that
be a sweet and romantic couple
i hope that!
hell yeah!
maybe my soul look like rock
but in my heart?
who's know?
i will be a hate person when look some couple
but inside me?
im so jealous when some couple ......
do you all know that?
but what i get now??
some happiness from far
not text,call,meet even sometime only chat
but it fine to me
that can make me happy for a while
and i understand about him right now
yeah!he taking spm this year
so its fine
but i dont know next year?
i hope more than before
i hope u will care and important about me more than your friends
i want your intention from you
i need your love
i need your care
i want you say "do you love me" everyday
and everything!!
but you???
not type like that
you are simple person
but thanks be my bf almost 6months
i hope
our relationship never ends!
even you not what i want(romantic)
but i fell so happy
thanks my dear
my love for your never end's
even for a seconds

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