Saturday, December 18, 2010

i miss you baby

cute right?
not mine
picture of my cats in my hp
to lazy want to move it in computer
i love you so much dear
why u always scare when u see me???
i wanna take you back with me dear!
but i have to let you go
because u dont want stay at home
u want free!!!
i give you freedom!!!
but now when i see you
day and day just same 
and now you so bigger than before this right?
i miss you so much baby!
please come back at me!
i want you back!
i feel lonely!
i dont have any friends at home that i can talk anymore
i wanna hug you again
i miss your smell
i miss your kiss
i miss everything about you dear
i need you!!!
if i had you
i can talk with you everyday
and you well get hear a new gossip from me
but now??
i dont know who i want talk again
you are loyalty to hear my story
and sometimes u also talk with me right?
even you stay at home
to many story you want to story at me right?
even i dont know what are you saying about
i just hear certainly what are you saying about and also talk with you what are you story about...
sometimes if i sad or happy
we also share about it
when you upset,you also talk with me until your tears drop
and i be who the one that wipe your tears
sometimes i also feel sad if you cry
and if i cry you also cry to
we have a same attitude
but i hate when you doing some reaction that i dont like
i really2 hate about it!but its ok
you are my little cute pet that i have
but now??
you gone
you really2 gone
and you leave me just like that
but i will remember our moments together
love you my hello cute pets!
always miss you and you in my mind
my BABY!

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