Tuesday, November 30, 2010

terkilan seketika

why u lie to me?
u said that u dont love her anymore???
why i get new news from her
she said that if u get 3 credit u want couple with her and get in into the same college??
liar that if i said i dont love you
i still love you!
but not more than amer
i try to forget you
but why my mind always keep remember you?
please save me!
and thanks a lot coz' almost 50% i get forget you and just remind that you are only my friends
i did know what want to do right now
blur for a while
why in my heart must love two person?
why to hard i want forget u ar?
why my feeling always say i want you?
oh god..
please save me!
i dont want hear about ar anymore!
i dont want my heart hurt anymore!
in my heart only love amer!
just amer in my life!
and i already happy with my hubby
and i and amer already contant like before
i will always love you forever
and i want leave my bad attitude!
only u and me dear....n.n

ftk:always put another story!bad gurl!hahaha..=P

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