Sunday, November 14, 2010

love you la!auww!!

i think that u dont want friend with me..but the true one...auwwww!!!i scream to loud and jumping2 in my bed!so silly,,,dumb!! funny..when i talk with him,my heart beat very fast,too fast!not that im imaging this before..i to scare wanna talk with him!im so nervous when i speak with him!arghh!everything about him..GOD HELP ME!!i hope this midnight..i can speak well and not like this time!im so shy!ohh i and u..we are friends..i hope that this relationship can go far more than friends...i hope that u will be mine forever...humx..why in my mind i always thinking about you?why i just want u?why u so special with me?OHH TIA!!CONTROL YOUR SELF!!!dont always dream about him!u will get him!no matter it slowly tia...cannot wait this night!auww!=P

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