Saturday, November 13, 2010

4 you

sorry dear..i have to do this to u..not mean that i dont love you..but i want stay far from u..not mean that im selfish..i need time..i dont know what want to do..i have a lot problems..but u???why u cannot understand me?why u always think yourself?not mean that i want blame u..but the true!u change to lot!!!not like first that i know u!OH GOD!please make him understand with my situation right now..and i hope..if he know why i do this to him..i want he let me go..i hope that he will forget about me and everything about me..and from now...i want change my life!i want open my new story and i want end this story!not mean that im to cruel with u..but i have to do this!sorry dear...please let me go and kill my story in your life..thanks a lot u always make me smile and happy when i with u..everything is just a memory..i will forget everything about u start this time..i hope that u always happy and find a new love..

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